New York auctions feature trophy works by top artists

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By Chris Michaud   The art market, especially at its upper echelons, has thrived as the rich seek a safe haven for their wea...
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The nearer the bar, the greater the chances of risky drinking

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By Amy Norton Researchers in Finland found that of nearly 55,000 Finnish adults followed for seven years, those who moved closer to bar...

Apple results loom large for tech - and the market

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By Caroline Valetkevitch   When Apple's shares fall, is Wall Street's entire performance at risk? The outsize influence of A...

Smokey (mascot of University of Tennessee sports teams)

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Smokey is the mascot of the University of Tennessee sports teams. These teams, named "The Volunteers" and nicknamed "the Vo...

Surf's down? Time for paddleboard yoga!

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By Dorene Internicola Paddle boarding, an ancient form of surfing, is gaining popularity as a high-intensity, low-...

DreamWorks Studios gets more financing

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DreamWorks Studios, the film company headed by director Steven Spielberg, will get around $200 million from its partner Reliance Entertain...

Casa Playa Las Palmeras by Riofrio+Rodrigo

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This Casa Playa Las Palmeras was designed Riofrio+Rodrigo Architects located in Lima, Peru. ...

Koban Police Station by Klein Dytham

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This Koban Police Station was a small police station and it was designed by Klein Dytham Architecture located in Kumamoto, Japan. ...

Low Energy House by Steinmetz De Meyer

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This low energy house was designed by Steinmetz De Meyer Architects located in Luxembourg. Low Energy House by Steinmetz De Meyer Arc...